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How To Become a Member of Grace Fellowship Church

Requirements and Process

Anyone may be a member at Grace Fellowship Church, who:

  • professes allegiance to and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ
  • has been baptized by immersion in water upon profession of his or her faith,
  • is not under the biblically warranted (Matt. 18:17,18; 1 Cor. 5:11-13; 2 Thess. 3:6,14,15; 3 John 9,10; 2 Cor. 2:6-8) corrective discipline of a genuine church, and
  • expresses substantial agreement with the teachings, aims and organization of this church shall be eligible for membership.[1]


Method of Becoming a Member

  1. The very first step towards becoming a member of GFC is to attend our New Members' class. Check the calendar for the next scheduled class.
  2. After attending the class, you will be encouraged to fill out a membership application, which includes writing out your personal testimony.
  3. Once your application is complete, it will be reviewed by the elders.
  4. The elders will then meet with you and seek to understand your basic Christian experience, doctrinal beliefs and seriousness of intention to wholeheartedly support the ministry of this church.
  5. If the elders are satisfied as to the genuineness of your life and faith, they will present your written testimony to the existing membership at least two weeks prior to the next scheduled Members' Meeting. 
  6. At that Member's Meeting, the existing members will vote on your inclusion into the membership of Grace Fellowship Church.
  7. If the vote is affirmative, your final step is to take the membership covenant with the rest of the members on Sunday morning.  On that Sunday we will officially welcome you into the membership of Grace Fellowship Church!


Reaffirmation of Membership

It is the custom of this church that all members present renew their membership promise at the induction of any new members, using this time to evaluate how well they have lived out their commitment and to thoughtfully consider how to fulfill their promise even more.


[1] Mastery of church confessions is not required of any new disciple before he is admitted to church membership. Such a requirement would violate the order of Matt. 28:19,20, which instructs us to disciple, to baptize, and then to teach the baptized disciple to observe all things whatsoever Christ has commanded. It is necessary, however, that any disciple applying for membership manifest a willingness to be taught and possess substantial agreement with what he already knows concerning the church's doctrine and government.